Why is Mediation so Effective?


Mediation is often seen as creating win win outcomes; it allows the parties to have an open confidential discussion in a safe managed environment with an experienced mediator who is impartial and non judgmental.


Through a process of skilled reframing, creating options and drawing out of future focused actions the parties can start to understand both sides of the situation thus allowing for the breaking down of barriers and an opportunity to build bridges for the future with the option of a workable agreement.


Don’t Leave it Too Late!


Organisations who realise the full potential and effectiveness of mediation know it should be a first port of call rather than a last resort.


Early intervention can reduce time off work, negate the need of formal processes that are time consuming for all, stressful, lead to fixed positions and widen the
relationship divide.


If mediation is recognised as a normal value added means of managing staff relationships it can be embedded in management practices and organisational culture as a positive conflict resolution intervention which treats people fairly, with
respect, recognising and seeking to change behaviour.


Timely and Cost Effective


We can arrange to mediate within a week and depending on how many staff are involved we can complete mediation in a day.


All that is required are suitable facilities away from the normal working environment, time for staff to take part in mediation and a confidence in the process.