What Is Mediation?


Can you Afford not to Address Workplace Conflict?

Mediation is facilitated by an experienced impartial third party who helps disputing parties to work out an agreement. The disputants not the mediator decide on the terms of the agreement.


The mediator works with individuals to discuss undesired behaviours, facilitates discussion to look at all sides of the situation, make realistic and workable agreements between the parties to resolve the conflict and ensures parties are treated fairly.




  • Avoid costs in defending employment tribunal claims
  • Reduce sickness absence
  • Reduce/eliminate stressors
  • Improve working relationships
  • Retain valuable employees
  • Help people make choices
  • Reduce formal grievances
  • Develop an organisational culture which focuses on developing people – understanding and challenging behaviours


What Can Cause Relationships to Break Down?


People's ongoing relationships at work are important for a productive working environment. However we all know that relationships can break down where there are a combination of factors such as negative behaviours, conditions that contribute to the conflict and a spark i.e. an immediate event which suddenly ignites.


Poor communication, different personalities, conflicting ideas and values can lead to misunderstandings, miscommunication or misperception.


Work factors for example a relocation, re-organisation, a new manager or a significant change can affect productivity.  Combined with emotional factors, personal beliefs about each other and the last straw event either at home or at work, situations can ignite and lead to potentially destructive behaviours.