What Situations lend themselves to Mediation?


Mediation can significantly make a difference where you notice:


  • worsening  relationships between individuals/groups
  • increased adversarial behaviour
  • complaints, increases in grievances
  • higher sick absence or
  • the need to build relationships after disciplinary action


Mediation can help individuals who are on sick leave return to work earlier if the reason for the absence is connected to behaviours, misunderstandings or fixed positions at work. Mediation can also negate the need for grievances by giving all parties a chance to be heard in an informal setting.


What are the Alternatives?


There are various dispute resolution methods that can be used but are not necessarily seen by the individuals as giving them a win win outcome.


Negotiation i.e. staff talking directly to each other is an option but not necessarily practical for the parties to battle it out and usually the one with the strongest personality will win!


Litigation through the Tribunal system is another method where a ruling or judgment is sought and given by a third party. Most employers would want to  avoid this time consuming and costly process.


Arbitration - appointing a third party to make a binding resolution - facts are presented, each side of the case is heard and someone makes a decision.