Future Focused


Through skilled confidence building, facilitation, reframing and positioning our mediator(s) will get the parties to the point where they feel that they are able to draw up mutual actions. Participants decide on the content and what gets written down. Typically this includes:


  • An outline of the key agreed areas that each party
    wishes to take forward to improve working relationships.
  • Any statement to the organisation about the
    outcomes of the day and
  • Any shared concerns that parties wish to feedback to the organisation.


The mediator will compile the agreement for signature so that each party has a confidential copy to take away.




Follow Up


Our mediator will also ask parties if they require any follow up contact post mediation, the time period of which is determined by the parties, this can usually be done by e-mail or in a short telephone call.




Give it a go – What Have You to Lose?