Do you manage, tackle or avoid workplace conflict?  Win/Win or Win/Loose?

Having spent many years in HR at all levels Alison set up the Mediation Service at the University of Leeds and through Aison Burns and Co. Limited mediates in a broad range of organisations from Private Schools, NHS, Utilities, Higher Education, Local Government and Third Sector organisations.

A defining moment early on in Alison's mediation career was when two people went for coffee together early on in the joint mediation session when they had previously not spoken to each other apart from e-mailing accross the office for over 2 years!


What is the most common failing most managers suffer from?


How often do we recognise an unwillingness to see and face up to conflict? We all face conflict at some point in our lives, not just from a disagreement but failure to control our emotions when a disagreement arises sparks tensions and inevitably repercussions are created.


At some stage every manager has to deliver a difficult message, diffuse a tension, give tough performance feedback or confront insensitive behaviour.


So how do we deal with conflict?

We Offer

  • Individual or group mediation to:

            facilitate positive change management, post disciplinary relationship

            building, pre grievance resolutions and absence management

  • Supporting people to have difficult conversations
  • Consultancy to develop your own in house mediation service
  • Training for managers on the principles of managing positive relationships


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