Mentoring Enhances Performance



Mentoring provides a wonderful learning opportunity for individuals and is a highly effective developmental process for personal growth.


Mentoring relationships tend to look at wider career or personal aspects rather than narrower problem solving issues. It is therefore unusual that a line manager or a close personal friend will be mentor because the relationships are distinct and agenda’s may compete rather than complement each other.


A mentor acts as a champion for an individual and balances their needs against those of the organisation/their desired goals and ambitions.


The mentor gives the mentee a sense of control over their destiny – taking time to consider and reflect what they really want to achieve rather than leaving to chance.


The Mentor


Will help individuals to link their learning in both a professional field and their day to day experience with wider personal development aims. Our mentors will support and challenge you and help you think what actions you will take as a result of any learning, particularly how you will assess the success or otherwise of those actions.


Mentors provide support and guidance whilst encouraging actions which could involve a degree of risk. Learning and development can often take individuals outside their personal comfort zone to achieve great changes in life nurtured by a supportive environment.