Benefits of Action Learning


Action learning seeks to integrate professional and personal development, whilst at the same time ensuring the needs of the organisation
are also met.


This can be a difficult balance to achieve. Action learning is designed to complement the management development programmes by enabling participants to reflect on real life organisational problems, gain feedback on alternative options and learn from reviewing approaches with colleagues in a ‘safe’ environment. Action Learning also encourages the development of collaborative and supportive relationships and can help establish networks that can endure beyond the period of a particular programme.


       How do they work?


Action learning sets consist of participants and a facilitator. The role of the facilitator in the group is (among others) to:


¨   Ensure the process of group interaction is both supportive and challenging

¨   Help the group to crystallise learning points

¨   Support the group’s activities, and

¨ Address any potential imbalances between personal and organisational development


A key role for the facilitator is to ensure that the group gains maximum benefit from the process of Action Learning, underpinned by ground rules’ set by the group.


Enhancing the skills of group members


¨     Supporting/enabling other group members to think through/assess problems and issues as they relate to specific projects, their managerial role or more personal concerns


¨    Using group members as a resource for learning about oneself, one’s   style of managing and one’s strengths and weaknesses, and


¨  Learning about the processes and practices associated with working  collaboratively as a team


Many of our participants have found action learning a valuable tool that creates an opportunity in a confidential environment to share their management problems and discuss solutions, to constructively challenge views and behaviours, build confidence and competence and extend their networks and contacts.


Many participants have said they have gained promotion and have achieved greater effectiveness in their role as a result of their experiences of Action Learning