Group Learning



Our aim is to equip high achievers with the skills, attitudes and techniques to make a real difference to the success of their organisation by developing talent for tomorrow.


Action learning plays an important part in leadership and management programmes allowing participants to fully engage in active learning of management, leadership and behavioural skills.


A key feature of the Action Learning approach is the high level of attention placed on learning gained from reflecting on the task, rather than simply focusing on task achievement.


Managed by an experienced facilitator, the group can act as a resource to provide insights into an individual’s issue allowing all members of the group to gain further understanding about how to deal with particular management and personal challenges. Action learning sets should meet regularly and consist of between 6 to 8 people.


The use of Action Learning in management development dates from the 1950s and Professor Reg Revans is generally acknowledged as the pioneer in the development of this approach.


Action Learning is designed to:


  • Help individuals in dealing with a challenging organisational

          assignment which they are, or will be, facing, and 

  • To better understand their personal strengths and development needs